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Outreach Adventure
Cost: $4.50 per student (a minimum of 50 students)
Each session is 45 minutes (A maximum of 30 students per session, 2 sessions must be booked per location with a minimum of 50 students)

Traveling Exhibits
Florida’s History "Dig It”
Cost: $7.00 per student (A minimum of 50 students)
Program has four stations and runs 2 hours (Half hour at each station)
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Traveling Mangrove
Cost $7.00 per student (Minimum of 50 students)

Environmental Programs

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. We all know these words but do we live by them? These programs are designed to teach about the importance of getting involved and being proactive about helping our environment.

Bag of Trash (Grades K-5) – What can we make? Random trash is transformed.

Indoor Garden (Grades K-5)– Transform recycled materials into an amazing pot and grow your own indoor garden! Learn native plant species, seasonal effects on plants and what animals are attracted to certain plants.

Geography Programs

Travel around the world & discover the differences and similarities that make the world so cool.
Australia  (Grades Pre K-5) The Land Down under. Learn about the aboriginal people, history, art and animals.
Africa: (Grades K- 5) One Continent, Many countries. Learn Language, Customs, traditions and lots of fun facts.
China:(Grades K- 5)  Explore ancient Chinese ways of making paper.
Ancient Egypt:(Grades Pre K-5) Pyramids, Hieroglyphics, Pharaohs and geography is explored in this program.
Florida’s History:(Grades 3- 5) We explore the history right here in our own backyard. This interactive program is a 2 hour program with 4 stations, Archeological Dig, Shells, Moon Dance, Clay. $7.00 per student.

Rainforest Animals: (Grades Pre K - 2nd) Experience the lives of rainforest animals and understand the concepts of camouflage, animal adaptations, & animals’ needs.

Math Programs

Beat the Clock (Grades 3-5) – This is a math game show. Quick thinking, team work and math skills are used in an exciting and fun way.

My Money Matters (Grades Pre K-5) – This is a financial literacy program. This program is designed to teach students the basics of financial understanding. Earn a paycheck, pay bills, save money and learn how math is used every day, everywhere!

Health & Science Programs

Adventures in Nutrition (Grades K -5) – Explore nutrition, food groups, serving size, exercise and the importance of making healthy food choices

Germs, Germs, Germs (Grades K-2) – Germs are everywhere! They are so small you can’t even see them. Students will experiment and be amazed by the results.

Programs are subject to change

To schedule your Program call 772-225-7575 x201 or email edudirector@childrensmuseumtc.org 


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